Authentic traditional Thai dishes.

Taste Of Thailand offers a full-service bar at its Minneapolis location.

Red Wines

$5.00 (glass) Trinity Oaks Pinot Noir

Ripe berry aromas with spicy scents, softly textured palate, medium body. $5 per glass, $19 a bottle.

$7.00 (glass) Echelon Pinot Noir

Flavors of rich, dark cherry fruit with a slight oak finish. $7 per glass, $25 a bottle.

$5.00 (glass) Mount Linden Syrah

Ripe raspberry and plum fruit flavors with hints of cream and chocolate. $5 per glass, $19 a bottle.

White Wines

$7.00 (glass) Hess Monterey Chardonnay

Light bodied and refreshing with flavors of pineapple, green apple and lemon. $7.00 per glass, $25.00 a bottle.

$5.00 (glass) Mount Linden Chardonnay

Crisp & clean with bright highlights of peach, pear, and nectarine. $5 per glass, $19.00 a bottle.

$8.00 (glass) Jeff Goot Riesling

Off-dry, this wine has notes of honeycomb and citrus. $8.00 per glass, $30.00 a bottle.